Minimal video production in one location, such as capturing an interview, a small event, or a social highlight video with no script involved.


• One person crew

• One camera shoot

• One light

• One microphone

• Basic text graphics

• Basic color correction and grading

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on details involved with shoot, and travel cost



A fully-fledged multiple location video production, including a script, shot list, potential crew members, and more


• Two+ person crew

• Multi-camera shoot

• Full lighting setup

• Multi-microphone (if applicable)

• Fully-animated graphics and text

• Full color correction and grading

• Shot list

• Scriptwriting assistance

• Drone footage (if applicable)

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on details of shoot, travel cost, and camera assistant day rate.

     MOTION         DESIGN

Animation services, such as the creation of explainer videos, social posts, and more.


• Custom animation

• Custom design

• Storyboarding/style frames

• Music

• Voice over (if applicable)

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on level of detail required, and length of video.


Why do I only get two revisions?

I limit my videos to having two revisions once the first cut is sent over for review, and it costs extra if you go over two. The main reason I do this is so there isn't unlimited back and forth with edits, which can extend a project far past its original scope of work.

What is the process of creating a video?

Essentially, the process of video includes pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production is the planning stage, which includes tasks like scriptwriting, shot list creation, location scouting, finding talent, and more. Production is the actual shooting stage, where you set up cameras and lights and microphones to capture the footage needed to edit the video together. And post-production is the part where you assemble the video together, along with adding graphics, color correction, and general fine-tuning/clean up. There are many additional steps included within each stage, but this is the main overview of what it takes to produce a video from start to finish!

Do I get different sized aspect ratios for different social platforms?

You sure can! In our initial discovery talks, we'll figure out which social platform will be best to host you videos once they're complete. Will it be viewed best as a 16:9 widescreen video, or will a square 1:1 video be more appropriate? And if you want both, I can make that happen too!

What is the scriptwriting process?

Pre-production is the key to a successful shoot, and scriptwriting is a large part of that. Going into a shoot with a solid script and well put together shot list will make production day go so much more smoothly and efficiently than if you're shooting without one. The process includes figuring out the tone that you want for your video, doing research on the subjects involved, and then actually writing out the dialog to sound as natural as possible, while still getting youer message across.

Why do your services seem so expensive?

The short answer is that producing great looking video takes a lot of time, money, skill, and energy! The long answer is that you are getting over 10+ years of professional expereince when you hire me to do a shoot. That, along with having to cover the cost of things like paying crew members, covering gear rental, time taken for location scouting, writing scripts, creating shot lists, spending countless hours editing, and so much more.