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Minimal video production in one location, such as capturing an interview, a small event, or a social highlight video with no script involved.


• One person crew

• One camera shoot

• One light

• One microphone

• Basic text graphics

• Basic color correction and grading

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on details involved with shoot, and travel cost



A fully-fledged multiple location video production, including a script, shot list, potential crew members, and more


• Two+ person crew

• Multi-camera shoot

• Full lighting setup

• Multi-microphone (if applicable)

• Fully-animated graphics and text

• Full color correction and grading

• Shot list

• Scriptwriting assistance

• Drone footage (if applicable)

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on details of shoot, travel cost, and camera assistant day rate.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 4.25.45 PM.png

     MOTION         DESIGN

Animation services, such as the creation of explainer videos, social posts, and more.


• Custom animation

• Custom design

• Storyboarding/style frames

• Music

• Voice over (if applicable)

Estimated From:


*Full price dependant on level of detail required, and length of video.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept PayPal, Venmo, or personal checks. I also accept credit cards, but that method requires an additional 3% fee.
  • Is there a deposit?
    There is a 50% deposit required at the time of signing and returning the contract, which locks in the date of the wedding. No date is guaranteed until the deposit is made.
  • How long does it take to have the videos edited and returned?
    The videos take approximately 4 weeks after the wedding day to be edited and delivered.
  • How do I receive the videos?
    They will be sent in .mp4 file format via WeTransfer, a file transferring service. I will have them held on there for one month until you transfer them to your personal storage. After one month, they will not be accessible on there anymore (I'll double-check to make sure you have them before taking them off).
  • When do I receive the final videos?
    The videos are sent both after they are approved, and after the remaining half of the balance is paid.
  • What if I want more videos to be edited other than a highlight video and the main events of the day?
    If you have any other videos that you would want to be created from the day, we can potentially edit them for an additional cost.
  • When do you arrive to start shooting?
    We typically arrive about 30 minutes before the wedding party starts getting dressed, and we leave after we get enough footage of the reception dancing.
  • Can we have the unedited video clips that you didn't use in the videos?
    Unfortunately, I cannot provide the source files (raw files off of memory card), unedited video files, or project files from the wedding day.
  • Can we select a music track that I want to use for the highlight video?
    Unfortunately, I cannot use copywritten music in our wedding videos because I do not own the licenses. I use music from a stock music site, where we select tracks that best fits the mood of the highlight video. If you have a certain music style in mind for the video, then please let me know! Otherwise, I just use my best judgement for the type of footage captured.
  • How far can you travel out to shoot a wedding?
    We can travel anywhere to capture your wedding! We are located in the Greater Cleveland/Akron, so we typically shoot in those areas, but we are absolutely willing to travel anywhere if scheduling and cost allow.
  • Do you use drone footage?
    We, unfortunately, do not do drone work for weddings. If it is really wanted, it can potentially happen at the cost of an additional camera person.
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